DIAMOND: A quick low down on the birthstone for April.

Birthstone Month – April

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Year - 60th

Colour – Found in all the colours of the rainbow! Some diamonds are sourced naturally coloured and some are heat-treated to give them their colour

Hardness – 10 Mohs (the hardest natural mineral substance on earth)

Worn For:  Strength - Victory - Protection - Courage


The History Fact

Most diamonds were formed over a billion years ago.


The Science Fact

Diamonds are the only gemstone composed of only one element, which is carbon.


The Mystical Fact

There is a star fifty light years from earth named ‘Lucy’; it is a 10 billion-trillion-trillion carat diamond!


Why I love Diamonds?

They are the hardest/most scratch resistant gemstone on the market so great for everyday wear! Also, they are available in a vast array of colours, shapes, cuts and sizes!


If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke piece of diamond jewellery, please do not hesitate to get in contact me to discuss further…

Shaking things up in 2016

We've been stuffed to the brim with mince pies, brussel sprouts and turkey but now it's time to look ahead to what this year may have in store...

Maybe you'll finally achieve the six pack you always dreamed of, learn French or visit the exotic island that you've had on your to-do list since who knows when! Personally, 2016 marks a big change for me and my business.

I am excited to announce that I am making the transition from working on my business part time to full time. So, this year I will have more time to develop my designs, create and sell jewellery. 

Since 2012 I have worked for a wonderful Jeweller, Erin Cox. She taught me so much and I had many happy days crafting in her workshop/boutique. However, now is the time for me to fly her (very comfortable) nest.

So, watch this space for lots of new and exciting projects...